JillFit Holiday Workouts 2019 – Sample Week

Hi, here’s my holiday workout schedule!

As promised, I wanted to share my sample workout week, for a travel week visiting my family.

Enclosed is:

  • A suggested calendar
  • 2 workouts from #PhysiqueFinishers
  • 1 workout from #treadLIFT

Some days you won’t need any equipment, and other days you might need access to dumbbells (or a barbell – can use DBs if not), a treadmill and/or somewhere to run/sprint.

Since this is a free workout sample, I am not providing form videos or photos, but of course these are included in the FULL programs for #PhysiqueFinishers and #treadLIFT – both of which I’m going to be putting on sale 50% OFF starting this Thursday November 28th (Thanksgiving) along with #FastPhysique. Stay tuned!




From #PhysiqueFinishers:

From #treadLIFT:


From #PhysiqueFinishers:












QUICK DISCLAIMER: These workouts are designed for educational and sharing purposes, and you follow them at your own risk. You are an adult, capable of listening to your body and knowing what it can and can’t handle. I have done my best to prepare you for a safe and e ective workout, but please speak with your physician before starting any tness program, especially if you are at a higher risk for illness and injury. Jill Coleman and Jill Coleman Fitness assume no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.