Sprint Sessions

Welcome to Sprint Sessions!

Thank you for your purchase of Sprint Sessions, a comprehensive guide to 12 brand new sprint workouts that can be done at the track, outside, on your street or in a park!
These workouts are designed to be short, intense and challenge the body (and midsection!) in a new way. Also, if you are new to sprinting, congrats, you get to learn a new skill too!


Included are the 12 sprint workouts, as well as the 5 BONUS resistance training workouts for you.
Please, please PLEASE read the guide in its entirety! It’s not long, but it is important, so you have the lay of the land and get the most from your workouts, as well as prevent injury and continue to progress.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me info@jillfit.com!
Enjoy and keep me in the loop on your progress!
Xo, Jill